Air Realty Welcomes New Licensed Agent Damian McCartney

Damian McCartney moved to Halifax from the Bahamas in 2014 searching for a new life.

He enrolled in Mount Saint Vincent University, and studied Business Administration with a Concentration in Management. But everything kept leading him to career in real estate.

“We did so many courses and case studies on business and acquisition, and there was always so much about building and land purchases,” he said.

“I knew I eventually wanted my own business and my own home for my partner and I, and what better way to do that then to make that come true for yourself.”

Recently-licensed, he’s excited for his next huge adventure, and calls it a new feeling.

“I’m pretty interested in this field. Josh (Svec, Air Realty owner) is knowledgeable and young, and I’m happy to be with a company of loving, friendly, helpful people,” he said.

“Air Realty is special because it’s homemade, native to Nova Scotia, and everyone who’s a part of it can be found locally. Everyone is so willing to help.”

He says he’s also in love with the city itself, and it’s a great place to continue to work.

“Halifax has so much growth and potential here, and I really felt if I got into real estate at the earliest of stages, it could be great,” he said.

“I figured I could be part of creating different communities and infrastructure, and I want to do that.” He has a few ideas and parts of the industry he wants to dive into.

“I’m interested in income properties, and am interested in passive income. I would love to be an intuitive landlord and be in-tune with my tenants,” he said.

“This will be my first-ever crack at real estate, and I’m pumped for it. I have some leads and I’m hoping for a bite. I see promise and opportunities, and I’m hopefully going to knock this one out of the park. It brings me joy and comfort knowing that I can share the experience of taking such a big step for individuals and families alike!”

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