About Us

Air Realty is a real estate brokerage.

We are based in Nova Scotia.

We are here to serve you. Our team has a wide range of experience, education and backgrounds to assist you with your real estate vision for success.

Award Winning Real Estate Brokerage

Air Realty is a Bronze Award Recipient of the 2020 Halifax Business Awards for Innovative Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce 


Cut the bullsh@#

Since 2009 Josh Svec, the Founder and CEO of Air Realty, has been heavily active in the real estate industry. Prior to being licensed and a member of organized real estate himself, Josh used many different agents to purchase residential rental properties. Fed up with frustrating service he decided to launch his own real estate brokerage with a simple goal: make the homeowner the customer – by putting quality service first.

We Give Back

Air Realty agents give a portion of each transaction to a local charity of their choice. Air Realty then matches that amount. The total contribution is accumulated over the course of the year and a cheque is given to the charity in the agent’s name every December.

Air Realty believes in giving back to the community it serves.

We Are Coached Up

Air Realty agents receive 30 mins of business coaching per month. This allows our agents to challenge traditional ideals, set goals, have guidance and be held accountable.

The benefits of coaching Air Realty agents shines in their performance. As a brokerage we aim to strengthen our agents skills so you receive the best possible service.

Work | Life Balance

You own your time.

Josh Svec the founder of Air Realty grew up on a cherry farm in Southern Ontario. There he learned:

“Pick cherries when they are ready, but you don’t have to watch the trees grow.”

Some days and weeks you need to work massive hours to ensure successful results, however, when we can steal some personal time for life, it is important to embrace what we love in this world and be present in those moments.

Air Realty is a proud supporter of work | life balance.

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