Hurricane Dorian: How to prepare for incoming weather

Hurricane Dorian is speeding toward Halifax, N.S., on a trajectory to see waves hit heights of 49 feet, according to Friday reports from HRM.

The city recommends people by the water in Peggy’s Cove, Sambro and Eastern Passage voluntarily evacuate, and MicMac Mall, Halifax Shopping Centre and Dartmouth Crossing are prepped to shut their doors for the day Saturday.

Buses and ferry service stops at noon Saturday, and with high wind and rainfall warnings in effect for the storm, things are set to begin Saturday night.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe and comfortable in the worst of it all:



Stock up on non-perishables


You’re going to need a whole lot more than storm chips this weekend. Amp up your coverage and buy groceries that don’t need to be refrigerated. Have food reserves like canned soup, tuna, peanut butter and cereal. As well, keep things like batteries in mind.



Get water reserves


Just in case, have more than tap water as your only option for drinking. Pick up juice or beverages. Also, grab some bottled water or store some water in a filter. The rule of thumb is you should keep three days’ supply of water on you just in case.



Bring everything indoors


From lawn chairs to pool floaties, if it’s outside, put it in storage. All your furniture for outdoors, your garden plants, and your fire pits should be stored in the garage or basement. Leave out nothing that can blow around or damage your home if it’s picked up by the gusting winds.

People, that includes your pets. Bring your dogs inside, take care of them and make them feel comfortable. Chances are they’re going to get freaked out.



Get ready for no power


You better stockpile on books, beers or be ready for the company of good friends or a loved one. Grab a deck of cards, even. Just make sure you have ways to pass the time if your Netflix, Internet and television do, in fact, turn off. Charge up your phone as much as possible before the storm, so you can have it when you need it.



Check your insurance


Make sure you have proper insurance in place to cover damage from the hurricane. Ensure everything is covered so you can rest easy until everything blows over. There’s nothing worse than being in an emergency and worrying about costs you might incur.



Exercise common sense and empathy


Don’t do things that are advised against. Heed weather warnings and if you’re asked to evacuate, do so. Your home and belongings are precious, but not as precious as your life. Also, if a neighbour comes knocking and they’re ill-prepared, share the wealth. We are all in this together. At the end of the day, coming together can help everyone stay strong.


So hunker down, be safe and you’ll come out the other end of Hurricane Dorian just fine.

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