Five Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Halifax

It’s a funny Maritimer thing. We spend all winter praying for sun, then all summer complaining about the overwhelming heat in the area. Here in Halifax, when it gets hot, it can feel like you have nowhere to go. But with these five indoor spots, you can have a great time without the sun beating down on your back.



Propeller Brewing Co. Arcade (2015 Gottingen St., Halifax, NS)


If you’re a local reading this, and are surprised this even exists, then you’re not alone. The incredible local brewery hosts in its basement a treasure trove of nearly 60 original arcade games, and it’s by all rights one heck of a good time.

From Space Invaders and Mortal Kombat to Big Buck Safari, the room is a huge nostalgia trip with a bar built into the area. Grab a local Propeller ware, or their signature ginger beer if you don’t imbibe, and enjoy. They’re also open late-night on weekends, for an incredible experience.

Check them out here.


Seven Bays Bouldering & Café (2019 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS)


Just up the street from Propeller is this truly awesome construction. Seven Bays is a rock climbing arena with a café attached, offering people the best of both worlds.

You can sit in their café area, enjoy their food and drinks – as well as the wonderful staff – and read a paper. Or, you can get set for an adventure and tackle their climbing wall,  and have a wonderful indoor workout. Breakfast is served daily until 2 p.m., and they’re open late..

Check them out here.


Discovery Centre (1215 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS)


From day camps and hands-on science exhibits to a complete array of day activities, the Discovery Centre is a huge indoor spectacle that will also teach kids at the same time. 

Right now, they even have a Survival of the Slowest exhibit featuring sloths straight through until the end of September. There are such a wide array of things to see and do that this is a perfect chance to enjoy family time indoors.

Check them out here.


Tour Alexander Keith’s Brewery (1496 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS)


If you want to get a real taste of Nova Scotian culture, take a tour of the Alexander Keith’s brewery, established in 1820.

It’s a true, blue Maritime experience, complete with songs, stories and ales for all discerning aficionados. It takes private bookings for groups of 15 or more and with Red Stag Tavern in the same building, you can also grab a bite.

Check them out here.


Catch a show at Neptune Theatre (1593 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS)


This professional theatre company is committed to bringing some fantastic adaptations and original content to the stage, and sometimes a show is the perfect way to get out of the sun.

As we speak, we have the Spice Girls tribute band Wannabe on the stage, with an Argyle Street Kitchen Party taking over at the end of the month. There will also be Cinderella: The Musical. Check this spot out today.

Check them out here.

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