TreePad a One-Stop Solution for Property Owners

The motto that sets TreePad Property Management apart from other companies is simple: they treat each property as if they own it.

When it comes to investing in Nova Scotia, companies like this make it infinitely easier.

Vice-president of TreePad, Jessica Sherman, says they offer “full-service” management for those landlords who are looking for a more hands-off approach.

From advertising to tenant selection and screening, maintenance requests, property inspections, resolving tenant disputes, and 24-hour emergency response, we are there for everything,” she said.

“Anything that needs to be done regarding the property we handle so that the owners can enjoy passive income without all the time-consuming tasks that property management involves.”

Air Realty owner Josh Svec sees now as a great time to invest in the area.

“Nova Scotia is full of potential when it comes to real estate investing. CMHC has reported a vacancy of less than 2 percent for the past two years as Nova Scotia’s population continues to grow. That is a 28 year low,” he said.“

“In 2018 Nova Scotia saw around 8,500 newcomers increase its population.  It is a very exciting time in Nova Scotia and a great time to start investing in its real estate. “

Svec says Nova Scotia is all about long-term, cash flow properties.

 “You are not going to see the fluctuations or increases in sold prices year over year as you do in other major cities. But what Nova Scotia has is stable prices and a low barrier to entry into the market,” he said.

“If you are just starting out you can pick up a duplex for around $300,000 or if you are adding to a portfolio you can find eight caps if you know where to look.”

TreePad’s Jessica Sherman says they help with just about everything when it comes to home owners and landlords, which leads to happy tenants.

There is a misconception that owning a rental property leads to passive income. The fact is that maintain a profitable rental property takes a lot of time and effort.  It helps to have connections to trades people who will be willing to respond to maintenance issues in a timely manner, this can be difficult if you don’t have a history with the people or company providing the work,” she said.

“TreePad also works quickly to fill vacant units with well-screened tenants and properly documented leases.  Regular inspections help to maintain a property and catch any issues early on so that they do not spread.”

Ultimately, it comes down to tenants sometimes needing a little TLC.

“Certain tenants just need a really involved landlord which can be time consuming and exhausting to feel like you are on call 24/7 to a property that you had expected would be providing you with a passive income,” she said.

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