P4G Marries Diversity and Passion With Air Realty

As Air Realty Inc. pushes forward on new ways to market and sell homes, they need a wealth of talent to help them achieve their goals.

Enter P4G, who attract talent based on Air Realty’s specific wants and needs. To talk about the ways in which his company can help Air Realty reach new heights is Founding Partner Bradley Daye.

“They put us on a monthly retainer, and we spoke extensively about strategies an what kind of talent was needed at Air Realty. Then we began building that talent pool,” he said.

Josh Svec’s realty start-up allows homeowners to sell themselves and avoid the commission of a realtor while also getting expertise from Air Realty’s realtors when it comes to buying a home.

“Josh didn’t have the bandwidth to recruit the way he wanted to as a start-up, so we’ve been helping. They’re passionate about a diverse team and eliminating barriers to employment. We’re working on that together,” said Daye.

He said recruiting for Air Realty isn’t about button up shirts and ties, either. They’re building a family, and founder Svec – a known surfer – has taken candidates out on the water to see if their ideas and values align.

“We work to bring Air Realty people who contribute to the bottom line, culture and organization. We looked at the gaps, how to improve their diversity and make an impact,” said Daye.

That includes having African Nova Scotian or Aboriginal realtors on board to be available, should thosewithin minorities worry about barriers to home ownership. Relating to those buying homes is important, and Air Realty ensures they give people options and ensure clients are comfortable.

P4G began working with Air Realty in March, and was an organic growth out of the respect the companies had for each other.

“I know Josh is an awesome guy, and he’s doing great, innovative work that’s disrupting the industry. We relate to his values, and he’s thinking outside the box. We really wanted to be a part of this,” he said

“Josh has a masters in coaching, and we can’t wait to see him put it to work. We want to bring them energetic people who are excited about the brand and career. We need to bring them people who are a great fit.”

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