Air Realty Built on Grounded Realtors

Josh Svec was an entrepreneur and realtor who wanted a change of pace in his career, and he wanted the public to see realtors differently.

While people often have a negative view of realtors, Svec wanted them to be seen as helpful and vital to clients, like lawyers, doctors or psychologists.

“The only way to build something new was to tear things down and build back from the ground up. That’s why I started Air Realty,” said founder Svec.

The team doesn’t hit the ground and knock on doors or spend their time incessantly cold calling. They build out from their existing networks, or go out into the community and meet people the old fashioned way.

“Whether it’s at events or things out in the community, we want people to see us and we want to be present,” said Svec. “I have been involved in real estate from every possible aspect. Buying, selling, investing. I know what great service looks like from the eyes of a client and what frustrating results look like.”

He’s made it his job to provide clients great, passionate realtors and service they won’t find anywhere else.

“When work needs to be done I take pride in the grind. When there is no work needed that hour or that day, I believe it is important to take time for the things you love in this world,” said Svec, an avid surfer. He makes sure his realtors push for clients when they have to, but get the downtime they need.

He had doing purchasing of cash flow properties for more than a decade as a partner in an investing company, and then moved into selling real estate.

“I purchased my first rental property when I was completing my Master’s in coaching from the University of Western Ontario. It was a triplex, and I lived in the basement,” he said. “I felt a passion for growing and I wanted multiple streams of income. I thought real estate would be right for me.”

Though Air Realty is just getting going, he knows they’re onto something great.

“Air Realty aims to raise the bar on the quality of service and the level of professionalism clients will receive,” he said. “We are here to serve the client. Real estate sales goes so far beyond the ‘sales’ – I want Air Realty clients to have confidence in their agents, to trust them and reach success for their real estate goals. ”

With a strong passion for his business, a can-do attitude and committed agents, he’s striving to bring quality to clients from all over.

“Air Realty agents have an extreme passion for real estate but they also have a passion for their communities, passions for where they live and a passion for Nova Scotia,” he said. ”That really comes across in the service and the professionalism they display to the clients each and every day.”

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