Jamie Gilfoy


Born and raised in Dartmouth and fluently bilingual in both French and English, Jamie places the client experience above all else in his approach to business. As Jamie explains it, “I’m all about building long-lasting relationships based around open communication and earned trust. If once the deal is done my clients aren’t excited to recommend me to their friends and family, then I simply haven’t done my job.”

Passionate about real estate since a young age, Jamie has an in-depth knowledge of the housing market and prices in the HRM. He understands the importance of rapid action in today’s hot housing market, the ins and outs of offer-strategy in situations involving multiple bidders, and leverages his excellent communication skills to eke out advantages and build rapport when dealing with other agents. 

An established real estate investor and property manager himself, Jamie has a particular eye for what to look for, and in particular what to look out for in a home, and brings years of experience as a landlord and motivated DIY’er with a super power for spotting creative opportunities to add value and/or rental suites to single family homes. Jamie’s patience is endless when it comes to finding the right place, will never pressure clients to make an offer, and is happy to look at as many places as it takes to find the perfect home.

In his role as President of Aquatique Translation Services Jamie built the company from the ground up with the same mantra he brings to his role as Realtor at Air Realty; “When you’ve truly done everything you can to help your clients, anticipating their needs and potential issues well ahead of time, and working with the goal of making their lives easier wherever possible, everything tends to just come together.” 

Whether looking for your first or your tenth home, Jamie will take your call day or night, return emails within an hour (generally), and truly work his hardest on your behalf to get you the deal that you deserve.

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